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  Message from the National President:

Happy New Year!


As we embark on this new year, may we continue to build on the success of the 

past and look for new ideas to mentor our current members. Remember to have fun.


Laughter and smiles go a long way to keep members working for our goals and 

objectives. Happy members are more likely to recruit new members. Share what 

your unit is doing to bring joy to your members.


Mid-Winter is just around the corner. Have you registered, signed up for the banquet, 

and booked your hotel reservation? Departments and Units, please submit an ad 

for the Mid-Winter Program book. All deadlines are February 7, 2020.


The Pre-Conference Board meeting will be held at 1 p.m. Thursday February 27 

in the Greenway room, 4th floor. The agenda for Friday and Saturday is attached 

to this newsletter, subject to change. We have quite a bit of business to cover.

Friday evening will be an opportunity for fun & fellowship. Mobile Paint with 

Heather has been arranged with part of the fee of $30 going to our Memorial Fund. 

The instructor will supply all the items we need to paint a picture.  


If you have items that need to be added to the agenda, please email your requests 

so that they may be included in the final agenda.


Please keep our members and their families in prayer.


Look forward to seeing you at Mid-Winter.  “Safe Travels!”

     Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much! (Helen Keller)


Semper Fidelis,


Evelyn B Joppa

Current Newsletter

We Are: 

 Patriotic   Preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps;
 maintaining true allegiance to American Institutions.

 Historic   Holding sacred the history and memory of the men and women who have given
their lives to this Nation; perpetuating the history of the United States Marine Corps
by observing the anniversaries of historical occasions of interest to the Corps.

 Fraternal   Creating camaraderie between the Marine Corps League and Auxiliary; voluntarily aiding
and assisting Marines and Veterans as well as their families; decorating graves of
deceased Marines whenever possible.

 Educational   Striving for passage of legislation favorable to the United States
Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League and its personnel.

 Eligibility   Regular Members - Wives, Widows, Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Daughters, 
Granddaughters, Stepmothers, Stepsisters, Daughters-in-Laws, Aunts, Nieces,
Mothers-in-Law, Sisters-in-Law of a (current or former) Marine or a US Navy FMF
 Corpsman or FMF Navy Chaplain, eligible to belong to the Marine Corps League, Inc., 
and Women Marines. Must be over 16 years of age.

Associate Members - Women not meeting the above requirements may join as
associate members. Must be over 16 years of age.