"Success is built on the dreams of those who seek to serve others."

Evelyn Joppa


National President
Evelyn Joppa 

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  Message from the National President:

Greetings Ladies!


We are in unprecedented times. With the ongoing spread of COVID-19 (coronavirus) and
the incredible speed at which things are changing around us, we need to continually adapt
what and how we handle our organization. As we keep all our members in prayer, be ever
mindful of the number of aging members who may not want to risk exposure to themselves
or family members. Working together to help prevent this virus is good for all. Keep in
touch and look out for family and friends. History has proven to be our friend and in the long run
we are a resilient nation and have always sought the positive out of any situation.

Out of every adversity comes something great, sometimes we must look for it. Happy
Easter, the Lord is in control.

It was an honor to install the officers of the Spring Hill Unit. Thank you, ladies, for asking!
Due to the current restrictions in Florida the unit only had the necessary officers present.

Many events have been canceled or postponed. Please be understanding and patient. The
welfare of our members, family and friends is upper most in our minds & prayers.

We all have the opportunity spend extra time on what we have accomplished this year so
far as a unit and individually. Filling out those reports of activities may be a good use of this
down time and reflect the accomplishments of members and units. Remember the dates for
those reports are May 1, 2019 – April 30, 2020.

      "Success is built on the dreams of this who seek to serve others."


Semper Fidelis,


Evelyn B Joppa

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We Are: 

 Patriotic   Preserving the traditions and promoting the interests of the United States Marine Corps;
 maintaining true allegiance to American Institutions.

 Historic   Holding sacred the history and memory of the men and women who have given
their lives to this Nation; perpetuating the history of the United States Marine Corps
by observing the anniversaries of historical occasions of interest to the Corps.

 Fraternal   Creating camaraderie between the Marine Corps League and Auxiliary; voluntarily aiding
and assisting Marines and Veterans as well as their families; decorating graves of
deceased Marines whenever possible.

 Educational   Striving for passage of legislation favorable to the United States
Marine Corps and the Marine Corps League and its personnel.

 Eligibility   Regular Members - Wives, Widows, Mothers, Grandmothers, Sisters, Daughters, 
Granddaughters, Stepmothers, Stepsisters, Daughters-in-Laws, Aunts, Nieces,
Mothers-in-Law, Sisters-in-Law of a (current or former) Marine or a US Navy FMF
 Corpsman or FMF Navy Chaplain, eligible to belong to the Marine Corps League, Inc., 
and Women Marines. Must be over 16 years of age.

Associate Members - Women not meeting the above requirements may join as
associate members. Must be over 16 years of age.